Self-Strategy Development (SRSD):
Theory and practice in St. Croix Falls

SRSD: What and Why

Writing is a highly complex, demanding process. The writer must negotiate the rules and mechanics of writing, while maintaining a focus on factors such as organization, form and features, purposes and goals, audience needs and perspectives, and evaluation of the communication between author and reader. Self-regulation of the writing process is critical; the writer must be goal-oriented, resourceful, and reflective.

There's a lot to it!

Skilled writers, and students who succeed at writing, are able to use powerful strategies to help them accomplish specific writing goals. Students who struggle at writing are not. Without clear instruction, students often lack important knowledge of the writing process, experience difficulties generating ideas and selecting topics, do little or no advance planning, engage in knowledge telling, lack strategies for producing and organizing text, have difficulties with mechanics that interfere with the writing process, engage in little to no revision (primarily addressing mechanics), tend to overemphasize the role of mechanics in writing, and may overestimate their writing abilities.

Thus, The SAINTS Writing Model (or the Saints SRSD) incorporates support and components aimed at helping students deal with these challenges.

The SAINTS framework is a flexible model that you can use regardless of the content you are teaching or the writing assignment. Use it to suit your purpose.


* the prompt
* your purpose
* your audience

Access/Organize information (this is a pre-writing stage, a place for brainstorming, note taking, researching, mind mapping, organizing)
* prior knowledge
* research

Introduce your ideas
* attention grabbers,
* topic sentence
* thesis statement

Now add support
* Examples
* Details
* Evidence
* Reasons

Touch up--tweak
* conventions stuff
* grammar,
* spelling
* word choice

Settle it -- finish up
* Conclusions
* Call to action
* Closing statements/remarks
* Summarizing

Click here to download a flexible SAINTS writing rubric template

Click here to view or download an example of how to manipulate the rubric for a specific unit or assignment:

Word posters you can manipulate and use to provide visual reinforcement of the SAINTS pattern:

Here is a pack of 6 Traits posters in PDF format to supplement and complement the SAINTS Pattern: